Friday, July 2, 2010

Best REAL Chinese Food in NY

Well, continuing on the “food department” I HAVE to tell you about NEW GREEN BO!!! (they recently decided to change the name of the restaurant to Nice Green Bo but I’ll keep calling it New Green Bo because I’m an old fan, ok???!!!!!)

New Green Bo has the best Chinese food ever!!!

I always tell my friends: If I had only one hour left in NYC, what would I do??? For sure I’d go to New Green Bo to have everything I ALWAYS have to have when I go there: soup dumplings (the real ones!!!), fried dumplings, shrimp and broccoli and scallion pancakes!

The famous (and delicious) soup dumplings

The food there is definitely the best - and the price too!!! I usually spend no more than 10-15$ per person (and I eat a lot!!!). However, I cannot tell you the same about the place… But, it doesn’t matter, right??? If you really like Chinese food you will LOVE it anyway!!!

New Green Bo is in Chinatown:  66 Bayard St (Between Mott & Elizabeth St)

To get there you can take the J,M, Z or 6 train to Canal St. You will have to walk a little but the map (from Google maps) is here so you won’t get lost:


And please, bring me some dumplings when you go!!!!